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About BTI & Who We're Looking For

Ok, about us? Hmm. Work-aholics for sure. Definitely not the 9-5 kind.

You could say we’re in PR and marketing, but we prefer to say we’re in the business of helping others succeed. We generate ideas for them. Make connections for them. Help them get noticed. Make a splash. And that sort of work can’t be put on a schedule. Inspiration hits 24/7, so we’re always working. Watching. Thinking. Planning. But the thing is, we love it!

So what are you looking for? Someone who really listens to you? Someone to really get to know you, understand you and appreciate all you have to offer – warts and all? A cheerleader? Advocate?

Someone you can really see yourself going to the next level with?

Then we could be “the one.” We should talk…


Wine, Food, Travel, Animals, Green & Sustainable Anything, Urban Farming, Techie Stuff 
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Good things come in this small package:

 We’re a 5-woman shop filled with some real heavy hitters. We have over 40 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations between us -- and all the connections that come with a lifetime of building relationships and putting people together. Read more about us.

Relationship History:

Oh, what we won’t do for our partners: Read about our successful relationships.


Putting our partners’ needs first:

We’re hardworking and experienced. But most importantly, we’re passionate – about our partners, their businesses, their goals, and their priorities. We’re not happy until you see success for your business, project or cause.

Learn more about what we do & how we do it.