Our Approach

At Break The Ice Media, our clients are small businesses. Just like we are. So we understand the small business way of thinking. Small businesses need to be lean, mean and streamlined in how they do business. And how they market themselves. So they require a different approach than a large corporation.

So how do we approach small business marketing? Like we're sitting in your office right beside you every day. First we listen. To your business goals, needs and ideas. Then to your customers and potential market by incorporating market research and surveys. Only after we know you and understand your marketplace, do we provide you with marketing actions, using insights based on our industry experience. The result is a custom marketing plan you understand and agree with, and a relationship based on mutual trust.

Contact us for a free marketing consultation. The first meeting is always on us. We listen to you, your business goals, challenges and opportunities. What is on your to do list that you can't get to? We understand that small business owners and their employees must wear many hats. After our listening session, we're happy to offer a few good ideas and, with your permission, return with a proposal that meets your needs. It's just that easy. No pressure, just two businesses sharing ideas and experiences.

Call us today 585-394-0787 or send an Email.